Guide to design of Original LSI(CPLD)

When making a digital circuit, generally, ready made ICs are used.
On these pages, I will introduce a way of making Original ICs.

In my way, CPLD(Complex Programmable Logic Device) is used.
CPLD is sold from several companies. In my pages, CPLD (XC9500 series) of Xilinx Inc. is used.
The XC9500 series has a lot of kinds. In my page, I take up four kinds from them.
They are XC9536-PC44, XC9572-PC44, XC9572-PC84 and XC95108-PC84.
These devices are the type which uses PLCC socket and can mount
on the universal printed board. The design tool (the
software) is free and I could acquired the
device. This is the reason that
I am using them.

Because I am describing while studying, there seems to be mistakes in the contents.
Do at your own risk.

About CPLD
What is CPLD ?
Specification of CPLD

Block diagram of XC9500 series

Pin diagrams ( XC9536-PC44/XC9572-PC44 )

Pin diagrams ( XC9572-PC84/XC95108-PC84 )

PCLL socket
CPLD design tools


CPLD Programmer

How to use CPLD programmer

Function Tester for CPLD
Method of the CPLD design

Method of choosing a device

Development procedure

How to use development tools (Version WebPACK 3.1WP1.x)

Development language specification ( VHDL )
Design chips of the CPLD

4bits Binary Up-Down Counter

5 Binary Counter

4-16 Decoder

8-3 Encoder

8bits Latch Register

4bits x 4channels Selector

10bits Shift Register
Electronic circuits sample which used CPLD

7bits x 16rows Latch Register for Signboard

5bits LED Shifter for Signboard

Peripheral circuit for digital clock