Function Tester for CPLD

I made the simple function tester to confirm the CPLD operation.

The above is the operation confirmation situation of the 5 Binary Counter.

The confirmation of the operation of CPLD is complicated.
This tester can make the ON/OFF condition for the input, the input of the clock pulse and the confirmation of the output level.
Consumption electric power is suppressed by using high brightness LED.
The current when lighting up all LEDs including the 7 segment LED was about 70 mA.

Functions of the tester are shown below.
DIP switch12ON : L level, OFF : H level
Square wave oscillator11-Hz square wave
BCD switch1ON bit : L level, OFF bit : open
LED10Each LED lights up by the H level
7 segment LED1Each segment lights up by the L level

Circuit drawing

Pattern drawing

Circuit explanation

Parts explanation

The examined state which connects with the CPLD programmer.