PLCC socket

PLCC socket is used to mount CPLD device on the printed board. PLCC is the abbreviation of "Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier".

There are lead pins to connect a printed board with the bottom of the socket. Because it is 0.1 inches in the pin interval, it is possible to mount on the universal printed board, too.

To know the direction of the socket, you see from the top and you make a diagonal corner the upper left. The center of the line in the topside is the 1st pin. I think that you can find the mark of the triangle which shows the 1st pin inside the socket which puts CPLD.

As for the size of the socket, 44 pins are about 23 mm x 23 mm and 84 pins are about 37 mm x 37mm.

The figure on the left shows a pin diagram of the bottom view for 44 pins.

It is necessary to be careful so as not to make a mistake because there are many numbers of the pins.

The figure below shows a pin diagram of the bottom view for 84 pins.

Method of removing a device

A thin screwdriver can be used to remove CPLD device from the PLCC socket. There are ditches for removing at the corner of PLCC socket. Put the tip of the screwdriver in the ditch, and make the top lift a device and remove it. Do alternately with the side of the opposite angle and lift slowly. Because there is possibility to give the damage to the device when handling violently, remove it carefully.