5bits LED Shifter for Signboard
On this page, I will introduce a 5bits LED Shifter for "Signboard 2" using PIC.
This counter is used for the blink of the LED which display the edge of the signboard.
Only one in the 5-bit output becomes L level.
CPLD does the operation of one shifting of LEDs which light up every time a clock pulse is input.
Also, by the specification of the RIGHT port, the CW, the CCW can be changed.

There are five groups of output. The operation of each group is the same.
The reason is to use the pin of CPLD effectively and to distribute the current of the LED.
As CPLD, XC9536-PC44 is used.
Source code and Explanation

Fitting report

Operating state table
The operation of QB,QC,QD and QE
are the same as QA.

You may think that the direction of the movement of the bit '1' is opposite.
When mounting LEDs on the printed board,I mount bit 0 on the left and
mount bit 4 on the right.
CLK is effective when changing into H from the L.