Electronic/Electricity Circuit Idea
for the Car


If you reconstructe your car by the information of my website,
you do so at your own risk.

Obtain the electricity wiring system data of your car, when you do the reconstruction.
Do the sufficient attention to the reconstruction of the electricity system of your car.
It becomes a traffic accident if there is a faulty.

The circuit and also wiring where I am introducing are the thing of the car that I am utilizing.
The circuit and also wiring differ by the kind of the car.

Please arrange so that your car is fit on the basis of the circuit where I introduce here.

Even the color of the wiring is entered in the wiring drawing of the car.
Carry out reconstruction after confirmation is done without fail.

The idea of the entry is the one that thought convenience when I drive a car.
There is the car that is installing these functions and be standard.
My car is the thing before additional 10 years over.

Do not change standard specification,
to be important in the case that I carry out the reconstruction of the car.

It is to improve as an addition function persistently.
That other persons driving needs to be considered.

Because the word, expression differ by the country,
you imagine from the contents and combine to the situation of your country please.

Door lock cancellation switch

Improvement of the power wind switch

Reverse warning device

Head lamp control by the shifting lever

Head lamp turn on dimly

Head lamp illumination confirmation device

Parking lamp control

Car speed detection device

Additional stop lamp control unit

Thief warning device

Door mirror controller

Remote Door Lock

Battery charger