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Head lamp turn on dimly

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In Japan when the momentary stop is done with intersection at night, the head lamp is turned off.
The circuit where I introduce here is the circuit where turns on the head lamp dimly instead of having turned off it completely when the tail lamp is turning on.

There are 2 purpose in this.

The 1st is because it extends the life of the head lamp.
As for the head lamp of the recent car the halogen lamp is used a lot. Halogen has a characteristic to return the filament of lamp that evaporates by heat to the original one.
Yet, a large current flows at the time of illumination and the filament of lamp sometimes cuts. The life of the lamp extends by being gradually lighted.
When it turns off temporarily, the halogen lamp is good to turn on be dim.

The 2nd is to become instead of a position light.
Thin light condition in the evening, I think that it is good the shape as a position lamp.

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