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Door mirror controller

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As for the recent car, the door mirror is popular thing and the electromotion housing type is used usually.
Even my car is a door mirror type, but the electromotion housing function was not attached.
Although it does not become obstructive even if it does not close the door mirror, there is the case that the person is not able to pass when it does not close the mirror in narrow parking place etc.
Although the mirror on the side of the driver's seat is closed easily with the hand, it assumed to go to the opposite side of the driver's seat to close the mirror on the side of the assistant seat.

I who dislike bothersome would change the door mirror into an electromotion housing type.
Because it is not interesting even if it attaches it as it is, the work like the following tried to be done.

It could the work to here well. However, trying to use it and I understood that it is dissatisfying with only the condition of the top.
There is a problem when the car is stopped, although it has no problem when the car is started.
Usually, I draw out the key to stop the engine and open the door and appear outside.
When the door is opened I confirm whether the car is not coming from the back with the door mirror.
The door mirror has closed when the key is drawn out. Then I have come to turn around the back to confirm the car that comes from the back without the door mirror.
It is bothersome for me, although it is reliable.

Thereupon, the following condition was added.

The trouble of the housing of the door mirror was gone with this.
And also the switch of mirror opening and closing is attached in the driver's seat.

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