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Improvement of the power wind switch

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If try to go to shopping and stop the car in the parking place
the window of my car was opening.
The window is not able to be closed, because I have stopped the engine.
Once again starting the engine and closing the window.
Stopping the engine and I go to shopping.

I was sometimes doing such an experience.

I introduce this circuit to you who are doing the same experience.

Most of the car in Japan( probably your country also ) are equipped with the power window. The power window does not operate when the engine is stopped.
There is reason in order that the power window operates to only during the engine operation.
Because the power window uses a lot of electricity, the capacity of the battery has decreased ? It is not so.
Certainly the power window uses a lot of electricity, but the capacity of the battery is not gone right away.

Then, why ?
It is due to the safety of a child.

There was the accident like the following before.
Child in the car( engine had been stopped ) in parking is playing and mistake and operate the switch and be put the neck to the power window and have died.
Because there is power certainly even an adult dies if the neck is put.
With reason that says that, when it is stopping the engine( when there is not an adult ) the power window is done so as not to work.
Pay attention, when this is reconstructed.

Condition of the car
    Car that equipped the power window

One that prepares it

    Circuit of the power window, be wired after the ignition switch and it is connected in the power window circuit through the breaker of the 30A rate.
    This reconstruction in the power window circuit connection is done in the front of the ignition switch.

Attention point
    A lot of currents flow in the power window circuit.
    Then the connection of the wire becomes an accident when it does not carry out it certainly.

    Check the wiring drawing sufficiently so as not to mistake wiring.
    The sufficient attention is necessary such that soldering iron does not touch it to other wires, because the ignition switch surroundings are very narrow.