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Door lock cancellation switch

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Be there the experience that locked the door while you put the key in the car?

Be there the experience that you had a hard time because you drop the key of the car?

To you who have done such an experience I think that this circuit is useful.

This is the circuit where can open the door of the car even if there be not a key.
The switch that cancels door lock is set up to the car.

The point where it considers is the attaching place of a switch.
    As it is not seen easily from the outside
    As it does not short-circuit, wrong action by rain etc.

In my case, it attached in the place where can operate by inserting the hand from under the front grill.
It is the place which even the rain does not hit directly, without being seen from the outside.
When the position of the switch is not understanding it can not to find.

There is case it gets wet by rain among the engine room. Then the waterproof type is being used for the switch.
In the case that you have dropped the key, the spare key is prepared into the car that is not attached to the public notice.

Condition of the car
    The car with electromotion lock

Material that prepares it
    Waterproof type switch
      You choose this switch after the attaching position is decided. There is possibility that the prepared switch isn't installed.
      The nonlock type is used. ( It is to avoid the cancel status continuously )

    Wiring material
      The big electric current doesn't flow. Therefore it is OK with thin wire. Yet, it needs to bear to the vibration or heat etc.

    I think that the door lock cancellation switch is installed in the door of the driving seat.
    The wiring is done from there.
    It doesn't understand me about whether or not the door lock control relay is in the car. It depends on the kind of your car.
    Confirm the wiring of your car.

Attention point
    Confirm the place where wiring is passed.
    There is a place which becomes hot in the engine room. Avoid the wiring to the place which becomes hot.