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stop lamp control unit

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In Japan, the car that is equipped with additional stop lamp increased.
This lamp expands the area that shines red at the time of stepping the brake to stop the car and be said to be the purpose that evokes the attention to the car behind. Because my car was manufactured before 10 years over the equipment, like that is not attached.
Promptly, I would attach it. Because it is not interesting just to be lighted with the stop lamp, the additional lamp would be flashed. I noticed that is necessary to do the attention here.
It assumed to induce the attention to the car behind through the means that the addition lamp flickers. However, the driver of the car behind will feel irritation at the time of the traffic jam.

Thereupon, I consider the following function.

In this way, the attention is evoked only with certain speed over( I made it 40 km/h ).

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