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Name Roy NEWTON Ph.D.
Birth 12 Feb 1904, 15 Th Ave. , Cordele, GA
Death 27 Jul 1974, Big Rapids, MI
Burial Highlandview Cemetery, Big Rapids, MI
Occupation College Professor, Author
Education BS, 1925, Asbury College; Honorary LLD, 1968, Ferris State
Religion Methodist
Father Luther Samuel NEWTON (1874-1935)
Mother Elizabeth Ellis 'Lizzie' BLACKSHEAR (1880-1978)
1 Dorothy Vernon CRAMMOND
Birth 22 Sep 1905, Newton, IA
Death 10 Jul 1981, Big Rapids, MI
Burial Highlandview Cemetery, Big Rapids, MI
Occupation Choir Director, Housewife, Reporter, Piano Teacher, High Sch
Education B.A. Music And English, Assoc. Arts, Arts And Crafts Asbury
Religion Congregational
Father Charles Chester CRAMMOND (1878-1939)
Mother Margaretha Katherine Johanna HEIDECKER (1880-1969)
Marriage 11 Aug 1927, Lansing, MI
Children: Roy (1933-1933)
James Covington (1935-2003)
David Lee (1937-)
Glen Edward (1947-)
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Glenn Newton Says:

Dear Newton Relatives,

"The evil men do lives on after them; the good is oft interred with their bones." - from Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

Well, not always. I was delightfully surprised when Russ and Genevieve Brown, next door neighbors during the years I lived in Big Rapids, Michigan, sent me a clipping praising my father, Roy Newton, who lived from February 12, 1904, to July 27, 1974.

This is from Hugh Morrow’s column, “’Nuff Said”, on page 4A of The Big Rapids Pioneer, Monday, March 24, 2003. The column starts, “I am wondering how or why Woodbridge N. Ferris decided to establish a school in Big Rapids?”, then reminisces about Ferris. This is in the middle of the article:

Roy Newton graduated from Duke University I think in Durham, N.C. There was an excellent teacher - someone who would make you look forward to attending his class! I took a couple of classes from him, business English, history of education, what else? This instructor lectured for an hour once on how “LUCK” plays a part in your accomplishments. I loaned my notes from that class to Bob Davis or Bay City or Flint and never seen them again. What a bummer?

There should be a dorm or a building of some kind named after Roy Newton. He probably taught at Ferris 30 or more years. I could tell you of a private conversation I had with Mr. Newton in the 1950’s that made a powerful impact on my life. I shall always remember his interest and help, I shall write about it one day. Newton Hall, Roy Newton Building Number One. Hey, he was so good the board should name two buildings after him Roy Newton Building No. 1, and Building Number 2, I am not kidding he deserves it, I am serious.

[The punctuation above is exactly as it is in the article.]

Dad always enjoyed visits from former students, who held him in high regard, and it was heartwarming to see that nearly 29 years after his death he is still remembered. Incidentally, there was a movement to name a Ferris building after Dad, spearheaded by Larry Martin, a faculty member at Ferris. Unfortunately, he lost out in the naming competition to wealthy donors.

Sincerely, Glen Newton


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From left to right: Perry, Frances, Roy, and Celia; Photo thought to have been taken between 1935 and 1937

Roy and David Newton. Thought to have been taken Oct 1941

Roy fishing. The young man behind him is not identified.

Pictures from the 1969 photo album of Dorthy Newton. The negative was in a sleeve marked “April-May 1969 S. Carolina,”  The seated person is Elizabeth Ellis Blackshear, Judging from the presence of all four of her children and the fancy table setting, we guess that this picture commemorates her 89th birthday. The standing adults are (left-to-right) Celia, Roy, Frances, and Perry.

See William Carson TOLAR Jr. - Celia Evelyn NEWTON family page for additional pictures.

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