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The BOB PID is a very low cost, but quite capable, PID servo controller, which can replace stepper motors in any standard application, such as 3D printers or CNC machines.
It accepts both serial and step / direction inputs.
- The serial interface, via any TTL to USB adapter, allows for easy tuning of the P.I.D. constants and setting options like the polarity of the output direction signal. It also support a bootloader for future firmware updates and new abilities / optimisation.
- The step / direction input allows its use in any application where a standard stepper driver was intended. Our Pololu adapter cable makes plugging it into a RAMPS / GRBL or pretty much any other motion controller very easy.
The output is PWM speed and direction suitable for any standard "H-Bridge" motor driver; our 1HP 40V 17A driver plugs directly in.
The motor must be connected to a standard quadrature type position encoder, like our non-contact, high speed magnetic ENC1

level: easy.
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PID Servo Controller:
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