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Products > Motor Drivers > 6064P: Stepper Motor Driver (PCB ONLY!)

Luc''s THB driver joins the other open source drivers supplied by the
store, adding support for BiPolar motors up to 4 amps/phase at 50 volts continuous.

It is based on the new THB6064AH chip (also known as the Toshiba TB6564AHQ^) which is a design improvement over the TB6560, adding support for better microstepping, lower resonance, and protection for power on sequence (which is a serious problem with the 6560).

The PCB is professionally made, double sided, plated through holes, solder mask (which is critical to the soldering of the chip pins)

All component values are marked on the PCB for easy population.

The modes and connections are marked on the back of the PCB.

You need the chip, and all the components listed in the assembly instructions on the web page below.

level: easy.
6064P: Stepper Motor Driver (PCB ONLY!) $10.95 NONSTOCKED No longer available

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