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LED flasher 2

This flasher moves, while lighting of LED drags on.
The brightness of LED is four kinds, bright, less bright, almost dim and dim. These lighting states are moved with time.
Control of brightness is performed in lighting time of LED like PWM(Pulse Width Modulation).
There is no PWM function in PIC16F84A. Therefore, I divided lighting of LED into four cycles, and controlled them. It is "Bright" when all periodic lightings are carried out. 2 cycle lighting state is "Less bright". 1 cycle lighting state is "almost dim". It is "Dim" in OFF a total cycle.
At first, I was going to prepare much more cycles. However, because PIC16F84A carried only 1K-word program memory, I made into four cycles.

Patern 1
Patern 0
Patern 2


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