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Making process for Display unit

Making of circuits
Display controller

PIC16F873 is used for the display controller like the console.
You can find the electric current control resistors for the category display LEDs at the right side of the circuit. These resistors are put for all LEDs. At the circuit this time, one resistor is used for one LED. You can use resistor network for these resistors, too.

Diode matrix

Diodes are used for the lighting-up control of the category display LEDs. The displayed character is 3 characters and a lighting-up LED is controlled by the diode matrix.

Making of Display panel

Because the display unit is large, it is composed of more than one sheet of printed boards. To prevent display unit's bending, the L angle of aluminum is used for the connection of the printed board.
The left side of the display unit is the part which displays the character of the category. It is composed of 143 LEDs. It is 13 lines being vertical and 11 lines being horizontal.

Hole and Panel making

Most of the circuits of the display are put to the cover part of the case. The big hole to put a displaying part is opened at the cover. Before making holes, the supporter to prevent cover's bending is put.


The LEDs which are arranged like a matrix is used for the category display. 143 LEDs are used. There are 143 wirings to the anode of the LED from the control circuit. And there are 109 wirings to the cathode of the LED from the diode matrix. Wirings are fixed on the printed board using the vinyl string.