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On this page, I will introduce the example which creates the mask pattern of the printed board automatically with EAGLE. The purpose of this example is the experience of creating a schematic and drawing a pattern automatically with the created schematic. So, as for the various setting, a default is used.
The circuit to use is "A-stable multivibrator (IC type)" to be introducing on another page. Before, I created the printed wiring of this circuit by handwriting.

(1) Selecting parts(2) Arrangement of the part
Part addition window
Addition of the inverter
Stop of the part addition function
Display adjustment of the screen
Delete the parts
Move the parts
Addition of power and ground terminal
Addition of the other part

Rotate the parts
Parts value setting
Parts name setting
Change the parts name and value position

(3) Confirmation of the board
(4) Wiring among the parts

Wiring using Wire feature
Display of the parts information
Wiring connection mark
Wiring for the power and the ground

(5) End of schematic drawing
(6) Electrical Rule Check

(7) Confirmation of the board
(8) Parts arrangement on the board

Display control of the parts name and value

(9) Auto route
(10) Error display

(11) Change of the name position
(12) Print of the mask pattern

Component side pattern display
Print of the component side pattern
Wiring side pattern display
Print of the wiring side pattern