How to order (Olimex)

The point in the case of ordering a printed circuit board using the data created with CAD software is introduced. There are many manufacturing companies of a printed circuit board in the world. On this page, I will introduce the order to OLIMEX of Bulgaria. They accept the file( .brd ) made by EAGLE. Refer to the homepage of OLIMEX for detailed conditions. I have not placed an order with this company. Therefore, I cannot report details.

The point before order
    Printed circuit board size
      In the case of the prototype of OLIMEX, the size of a board is 160mm x 100mm(6.3"x3.9").
      When making a board smaller than this size, two or more boards can be made. For example, in the case of the board of 40mm x 50mm, it is possible to make eight boards. However, since 0.25mm (10mil) is required in order to cut each board, it is necessary to make actual board size small 0.5mm. Therefore, in the case of the example above, board size should be set to 39.5mm x 49.5mm.
      Refer to the "Size setting of the printed board" for the setting method of board size.

    The line of silk printing is set as 10mil or more
    Design rule (DRU) check