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Processing parameter specification
for 4bits Binary Up-Down Counter
When using Xilinx Project Navigator, the property of the device should be specified.
In Navigator, it is possible to specify various parameters.
In the logic this time, I set "Device speed".

Parameter specification dialog box
First, it makes display the dialog box which specifies parameters.
It highlights a device in the Sources in Project window and Fit Design in the Processes for Current Source window of the screen of Navigator.

The following dialog box is displayed when clicking Source -> Properties or the button.

Specification of the device speed
    It chooses Design tag and it sets Speed Grade to the speed of the device to use.
    When not simulating in the operation speed, to specify isn't necessary.

Specification of the Global Pins
    In the logic this time, Global pins are not used.
    It chooses Basic tag and it unchecks Use Global Clock(s), Use Global Output Enable(s) and Use Global Set/Reset.