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TI MSP430 Rwsdmmc Mmc.h

//  *************************************************************************************
// Filename:  mmc.h: 
// Declarations for Communication with the MMC (see mmc.c) in unprotected SPI mode.
// Version 1.1
//    added ul declaration in macros mmcWriteSector and mmcReadSector
// *************************************************************************************

#ifndef _MMCLIB_H
#define _MMCLIB_H

// macro defines
#define HIGH(a) ((a>>8)&0xFF)               // high byte from word
#define LOW(a)  (a&0xFF)                    // low byte from word

#define CS_LOW()    P5OUT &= ~0x10              // Card Select
#define CS_HIGH()   SPI_TX_DONE; P5OUT |= 0x10  // Card Deselect
#define SPI_RXC     (IFG2 & URXIFG1)
#define SPI_TXC     (IFG2 & UTXIFG1)

#define SPI_TX_READY    (IFG2 & UTXIFG1)
#define SPI_TX_DONE     while((U1TCTL & TXEPT)==0)

#define DUMMY 0xff

// Tokens (necessary  because at NPO/IDLE (and CS active) only 0xff is on the data/command line)
#define MMC_START_DATA_BLOCK_TOKEN          0xfe   // Data token start byte, Start Single Block Read
#define MMC_START_DATA_MULTIPLE_BLOCK_READ  0xfe   // Data token start byte, Start Multiple Block Read
#define MMC_START_DATA_BLOCK_WRITE          0xfe   // Data token start byte, Start Single Block Write
#define MMC_START_DATA_MULTIPLE_BLOCK_WRITE 0xfc   // Data token start byte, Start Multiple Block Write
#define MMC_STOP_DATA_MULTIPLE_BLOCK_WRITE  0xfd   // Data toke stop byte, Stop Multiple Block Write

// an affirmative R1 response (no errors)
#define MMC_R1_RESPONSE       0x00

// this variable will be used to track the current block length
// this allows the block length to be set only when needed
// unsigned long _BlockLength = 0;

// error/success codes
#define MMC_SUCCESS           0x00
#define MMC_BLOCK_SET_ERROR   0x01
#define MMC_RESPONSE_ERROR    0x02
#define MMC_DATA_TOKEN_ERROR  0x03
#define MMC_INIT_ERROR        0x04
#define MMC_CRC_ERROR         0x10
#define MMC_WRITE_ERROR       0x11
#define MMC_OTHER_ERROR       0x12
#define MMC_TIMEOUT_ERROR     0xFF

// commands: first bit 0 (start bit), second 1 (transmission bit); CMD-number + 0ffsett 0x40
#define MMC_GO_IDLE_STATE          0x40     //CMD0
#define MMC_SEND_OP_COND           0x41     //CMD1
#define MMC_READ_CSD               0x49     //CMD9
#define MMC_SEND_CID               0x4a     //CMD10
#define MMC_STOP_TRANSMISSION      0x4c     //CMD12
#define MMC_SEND_STATUS            0x4d     //CMD13
#define MMC_SET_BLOCKLEN           0x50     //CMD16 Set block length for next read/write
#define MMC_READ_SINGLE_BLOCK      0x51     //CMD17 Read block from memory
#define MMC_READ_MULTIPLE_BLOCK    0x52     //CMD18
#define MMC_CMD_WRITEBLOCK         0x54     //CMD20 Write block to memory
#define MMC_WRITE_BLOCK            0x58     //CMD24
#define MMC_WRITE_MULTIPLE_BLOCK   0x59     //CMD25
#define MMC_WRITE_CSD              0x5b     //CMD27 PROGRAM_CSD
#define MMC_SET_WRITE_PROT         0x5c     //CMD28
#define MMC_CLR_WRITE_PROT         0x5d     //CMD29
#define MMC_SEND_WRITE_PROT        0x5e     //CMD30
#define MMC_TAG_SECTOR_START       0x60     //CMD32
#define MMC_TAG_SECTOR_END         0x61     //CMD33
#define MMC_UNTAG_SECTOR           0x62     //CMD34
#define MMC_TAG_EREASE_GROUP_START 0x63     //CMD35
#define MMC_TAG_EREASE_GROUP_END   0x64     //CMD36
#define MMC_UNTAG_EREASE_GROUP     0x65     //CMD37
#define MMC_EREASE                 0x66     //CMD38
#define MMC_READ_OCR               0x67     //CMD39
#define MMC_CRC_ON_OFF             0x68     //CMD40

// mmc init
char initMMC (void);

// check if MMC card is present
char mmc_ping(void);

// send command to MMC
void mmcSendCmd (const char cmd, unsigned long data, const char crc);

// set MMC in Idle mode
char mmc_GoIdle();

// set MMC block length of count=2^n Byte
char mmcSetBlockLength (const unsigned long);

// read a size Byte big block beginning at the address.
char mmcReadBlock(const unsigned long address, const unsigned long count, unsigned char *pBuffer);
#define mmcReadSector(sector, pBuffer) mmcReadBlock(sector*512ul, 512, pBuffer)

// write a 512 Byte big block beginning at the (aligned) address
char mmcWriteBlock (const unsigned long address, const unsigned long count, unsigned char *pBuffer);
#define mmcWriteSector(sector, pBuffer) mmcWriteBlock(sector*512ul, 512, pBuffer)

// Read Register arg1 with Length arg2 (into the buffer)
char mmcReadRegister(const char, const unsigned char, unsigned char *pBuffer);

// Read the Card Size from the CSD Register
unsigned long MMC_ReadCardSize(void);

#endif /* _MMCLIB_H */

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