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Somewhere around 1983, Hubel and Wiesel from Harvard University won the Nobel Prize for demonstrating that the central visual systems (ie, cortical, not retinal) in immature mammalian brains are able to **modify** their internal organization based upon early visual experience. If you present horizontal bars only to them, they have difficulty later seeing vertical. And vice versa. Etc/etc.

It only requires a few weeks of experience during the critical period of early out-of-the-womb development to accomplish this, and is related only to that "young brains are very maleable", and to **NOTHING** more.

In relationship to the survival of the individual regardless of the environment it is born into, this scheme is vastly superior to any kind of hardwiring. [this also explains why it's so much more fun to play with self-modifying code, as opposed to the hard-wired kind].


Beans store energy in sugars called oligosaccharides. These are "several-unit" sugars that are produced by legumes--especially in the final stages of seed development. The human body lacks the enzymes to break down these sugars and thus cannot digest and absorb them. So, they are digested in the colon by normal intestinal bacteria. In their metabolic process, the bacteria produce various gasses, including carbon dioxide and hydrogen. You'll also find these problem sugars in the cabbage-family vegetables and in whole grains, brans, and some other seeds.


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