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The MOUSEKEYS structure contains information about the MouseKeys accessibility feature. When the MouseKeys feature is active, the user can use the numeric keypad to control the mousepointer, and to click, double-click, drag, and drop. By pressing NUMLOCK, the user can toggle the numeric keypad between mouse control mode and normal operation.

typedef struct _MOUSEKEYS {     // mk 

    DWORD cbSize; 

    DWORD dwFlags; 

    DWORD iMaxSpeed; 

    DWORD iTimeToMaxSpeed; 

    DWORD iCtrlSpeed; 

    DWORD dwReserved1; 

    DWORD dwReserved2; 




Specifies the size, in bytes, of this structure.
A set of bit-flags that specify properties of the FilterKeys feature. The following bit-flag values are defined:




If this flag is set, the MouseKeys feature is available.


Windows 95 only: A confirmation dialog box appears when the MouseKeys feature is activated by using the hot key.


If this flag is set, the user can turn the MouseKeys feature on and off by using the hot key, which is LEFT ALT+LEFT SHIFT+NUM LOCK.


If this flag is set, the system plays a siren sound when the user turns the MouseKeys feature on or off by using the hot key.


Windows 95 only: A visual indicator is displayed when the MouseKeys feature is on.


If this flag is set, the MouseKeys feature is on.


Windows 95 only: The CTRL key increases cursor speed by the value specified by the iCtrlSpeed member, and the SHIFT key causes the cursor to delay briefly after moving a single pixel, allowing fine positioning of the cursor. If this value is not specified, the CTRL and SHIFT keys are ignored while the user moves the mouse cursor using the arrow keys.


Windows 95 only:The numeric keypad moves the mouse when the NUM LOCK key is on. If this flag is not specified, the numeric keypad moves the mouse cursor when the NUM LOCK key is off.

Specifies the maximum speed the mouse cursor attains when an arrow key is held down.

Windows 95: Range checking is not performed.

Windows NT: Valid values are from 10 to 360.

Specifies the length of time, in milliseconds, that it takes for the mouse cursor to reach maximum speed when an arrow key is held down. Valid values are from 1000 to 5000.
Windows 95: Specifies the multiplier to apply to the mouse cursor speed when the user holds down the ctrl key while using the arrow keys to move the cursor. this value is ignored if MKF_MODIFIERS is not set.

Windows NT: This member is reserved for future use. It must be set to zero.

This member is reserved for future use. It must be set to zero.
This member is reserved for future use. It must be set to zero.


An application uses a MOUSEKEYS structure when calling the SystemParametersInfo function with the wAction parameter set to the SPI_GETMOUSEKEYS or SPI_SETMOUSEKEYS value. When using SPI_GETMOUSEKEYS, an application must specify the cbSize member of the MOUSEKEYS structure; the SystemParametersInfo function fills the remaining members. An application must specify all structure members when using the SPI_SETMOUSEKEYS value.

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