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PIC Microcontoller Math Method

Divide 16 bits by the constant value 10 by Alec_t


;Subroutine to divide by 10 using the binary fraction equivalent of 0.1.
;Argument: 16-bit dividend in DDHI,DDLO. 
;Returns: 16-bit quotient in QTHI,QTLO.
METHOD1	CLRF	QTHI	; Clear quotient accumulator 
	MOVLW	B'00011001'	; 1/10 = binary .0001100110011001 recurring 
	MOVWF	DRHI	; ...loaded into divisor registers
	MOVLW	B'10011001'	;
	MOVLW	16	; Initialise loop counter (16 gives max accuracy)
	RRF	DDHI,F	; Halve the dividend
	RLF	DRLO,F	; Shift the divisor 
	RLF	DRHI,F	; the left-most bit goes into carry
	BTFSC	STATUS,C	; Was the left-most bit a '1'?
	CALL	ADDIT	; Yes, so accumulate the partial dividend
	DECF	COUNT,F	; Bump the loop count
	BTFSC	STATUS,Z	; Is it zero?
	RETURN		; Yes. Done.
	GOTO	SHIFT	; No. Loop for next divisor bit
;Subroutine to accumulate partial results. Called by METHOD1.
;Argument: Current partial result in DDHI,DDLO.
;Returns: Accumulated quotient in QTHI,QTLO.
ADDIT	MOVF	DDLO,W	; Get the partial result LSB
	ADDWF	QTLO,F	; Add it to the quotient LSB
	BTFSC	STATUS,C	; Carry generated?
	INCF	QTHI,F	; Yes. Bump quotient MSB
	MOVF	DDHI,W	; No. Get the partial result MSB
	ADDWF	QTHI,F	; Add it to the quotient MSB
	RETURN		; Return

;Subroutine to divide by 10 by repeated subtraction of 10.
;Argument: 16-bit dividend in DDHI,DDLO. 
;Returns: 16-bit quotient in QHI,QLO, remainder in DDLO.
METHOD2	CLRF	QHI	; Clear quotient registers
	MOVLW	10	; W = divisor
STEP	SUBWF	DDLO,F	; Subtract 10 from dividend LSB
	GOTO	BUMP	; No. Jump
	MOVF	DDHI,F	; Yes. Is dividend MSB 0?
	GOTO	DONE	; Yes. Done
	DECF	DDHI,F	; No. Decrement dividend MSB
BUMP	INCF	QLO,F	; Bump quotient LSB
	BTFSC	STATUS,Z	; Is it 0?
	INCF	QHI,F	; Yes. Increment quotient MSB
	GOTO	STEP	; Loop until dividend is <0
DONE	ADDWF	DDLO,F	; Correct the dividend LSB

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