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Language Pcl LJ2013


     The Character Fill Mode ( CF ) command specifies the way
     scalable fonts are filled and edged. Bitmapped and
     Stick fonts cannot be edged and can be filled only with
     raster fill, shading, or PCL cross-hatch patterns. For
     more information see the PCL 5 Printer Language
     Technical Reference Manual. The syntax for this command
     is as follows:
     CF fill mode,[edge pen];

     Fill Mode                     Specifies how the printer
                                   renders filled
     Edge Pen                      For characters that are
                                   to be edged, this
                                   parameter indicates the
                                   pen that is used to edge
                                   the character (black or
                                   white, edged or not

     LEGEND: Ec = [Ctrl] [P] [Esc] in DOS EDIT.
     EcE                           Resets the printer.
     Ec%0B                         Enters HP-GL/2 mode.
     IN;                           Initializes HP-GL/2 mode.
     SP1;                          Selects pen number 1,
                                   (black). Even though
                                   there is no physical pen,
                                   the SP command must be
                                   used to enable printing.
     4148;SS;                      Specifies a 140 point
                                   Universe Bold font with
                                   the Standard Font
                                   Definition ( SD )
                                   command; selects it for
                                   printing with the Select
                                   Standard font ( SS )
     PA1000,3000;DT*;              Specifies absolute
                                   plotting and moves to
                                   (1000,3000); sets the
                                   Data Terminator
                                   ( DT ) to be an asterisk
                                   (The mode of the Data
                                   Terminator is not set so
                                   it defaults to a 1, which
                                   means it will not print).
     FT3,50,45;                    Specifies a hatching fill
                                   type with 50 plotter
                                   units (plu) between each
                                   line, and the lines set
                                   at a 45 degree angle.
     CF1,1;LBA*;                   Select character fill
                                   mode 1 (edge and edge
                                   with pen number 1
                                   (black); plots the letter
     PR127,0;                      Moves the pen to a
                                   position 127 plu to the
     PW.1;CF3,1;LBB*;              Sets the pen width to .1
                                   mm; selects character
                                   fill mode 3 (fill and
                                   edge) and edge with pen
                                   number 1 (black); prints
                                   the letter "B."
     PW.5;LBC*;                    Sets the pen width to .5
                                   mm to change the
                                   thickness of the fill
                                   lines; prints the letter
     Ec%0A                         Enters PCL mode.
     EcE                           Sends a reset to end the
                                   job and eject the page.

            Copyright  Hewlett-Packard Co. 1993
   The information contained herein is subject to change
                      without notice.
   Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for incidental or
  consequential damages in connection with the use of this

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