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PIC Micro Controller C/C++ Languages

There is a constant flow of debate over the use of C or Assembly to program microcontrollers. While it is true that C compilers may generate less efficient code from a quickly written line of C than a human working in hand coded / hand optimized assembly, in most cases, well written C compilers can come very close. In some cases, a C compiler can optimize code in a way that would be very difficult for a human, even surpassing well written human assembly when very complex constructs are involved. Byte Craft did an interesting test on one of thier C compilers^ where they verified that for every instruction in the processors instruction set, there is some C sequence that compiles into that single instruction. At least with that compiler, for every possible Assembly program there exists a C program that generates the same (if not less) code.

C17/C18 The "official" Microchip versions of C. That link will most likely be wrong in a few days since Microchip apparently rearranges the web site on a weekly basis, but if you go to and search for C18, you will find it.

Data Types, size and range:
TYPE                SIZE     RANGE 
char(1,2)            8 bits  -128 127 
signed char          8 bits  -128 127 
unsigned char        8 bits  0 255 
int                 16 bits  -32,768 32,767 
unsigned int        16 bits  0 65,535 
short               16 bits  -32,768 32,767 
unsigned short      16 bits  0 65,535 
short long          24 bits  -8,388,608 8,388,607 
unsigned short long 24 bits  0 16,777,215 
long                32 bits  -2,147,483,648 2,147,483,647 
unsigned long       32 bits  0 4,294,967,295 

float               32 bits  1.17549435 e-38 to 6.80564693 e+38
double              32 bits  1.17549435 e-38 to 6.80564693 e+38

Byte Craft  MPC (Microchip PIC Compiler). ByteCraft developed the first C compiler for the PIC and Microchip licensed that code as a start on MPLAB C although it has been developed seperatly since then. MPC goes for $1,750.00^ USD. There is a demo version, but I have no information on the limitations.

Hi-Tech FREE! PICC-Lite is essentially the same as our full-featured, industrial grade PICC compiler, support is limited to the 16F877, 16F877A, 12F675, 12F629, 16F627, 16C84, 16F84 and 16F84A devices. MPLAB compatible. In March 2009, Microchip aquired Hi-Tech and will narrow thier focus to Microchip products.

C2C C-compiler runs on Win-95, DOS and Linux and compiles for PIC and SX

CC5X optomizing C-compiler (free limited version, up to 1 kB, integrates with MPLAB?) all 14- and 12-bit PIC

CCS  C-Compiler (usefull examples can be downloaded) James Newton says: "Based on (clumsy) link spamming, shoddy support for the SX (PIC clone) and bad personal experiences, I do NOT recommend this compiler. Your milage may vary."

Wiz-C 70 to 100 pounds UK. Grew from: PicC  C-Compiler $59, source level debugger $79. ?

pico-C produces assembler code (free)

Visual C free demo


SDCC the Small Device C Compiler

Several people have started developing IDEs to connect to SDCC.

Small-C for the PIC'84 http:// John Favata's modification of Small-C for the PIC '84 that generates Parallax SPASM assembly code. A free beta release of a new PIC18Cxxx compiler




Ned T Konz of MetaMagix Says:

The PIC C compiler from Microchip has hardly disappeared. They just don't have any support for the 12-bit and 14-bit parts.

But you can get demos of the C17 and C18 compilers. The C18 especially bears looking at; it produces good code and is reasonably ANSI compatible.

See also:



C2C with SourceBoost has an excellent PIC16xxx simulator with it, which requires no additional hardware, AND has 'plug-in' simulated hardware (like LED's, buttons, even an 8-bit logic analyzer).
You should be aware that C2C is a subset of Ansi C, with 8 and 16-bit unsigned math only. However, the assembly output is very easy to follow.

The CCS-C compiler is Ansi-C with extensions for the PIC. However, it's source-level debugger requires attached PIC hardware to work.
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