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SFR explanation for PIC16F628(4)

RCSTA ( Receive Status and Control Register ) 18h
    This register controls USART receive function.

The value in the parenthesis is in the condition immediately after the turning on.

SPEN : Serial Port Enable bit
1: Serial port enabled
( Configures RB1/RX/DT and RB2/TX/CK pins as serial port pins )
0:Serial port disacled

RX9 : 9-bit Receive Enable bit
1:Selects 9-bit reception
0:Selects 8-bit reception

SREN : Single Receive Enable bit
Asynchronous mode
Don't care

Synchronous mode - master
1:Enables single receive
0:Disables single receive
This bit is cleared after reception ic complete.

Synchronous mode - slave
Unused in this mode

CREN : Continuous Receive Enable bit
Asynchronous mode
1:Enables continuous receive
0:Disables continuous receive

Synchronous mode
1: Enables continuous receive until enable bit CREN is cleared
( CREN is overrides SREN )
0:Disables continuous receive

ADDEN : Address Detect Enable bit
Asynchronous mode 9-bit ( RX9 = 1 )
1: Enables address detection
enable interrupt and load of the receive buffer when RSR<8> is set
0: Disables address detection
all bytes are receive, and ninth bit can be used as parity bit

FERR : Framing Error bit ( Read only )
1: Framing error
( Can be updated by reading RCREG register and receive next valid byte )
0:No framing error

OERR : Overrun Error bit ( Read only )
1: Overrun error
( Can be cleared by clearing bit CREN )
0:No overrun error

RX9D : 9th bit of receive data ( Read only )

TXREG ( Transmit buffer ) 19h
    Transmit data is set to this buffer.

RCREG ( Receive buffer ) 1Ah
    Received data is stored to this buffer.