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Windows Server 2003 Small Business

Automatic Defragmenting

W32Time: Windows Time Service

Connecting Win98 WS to Win2k3

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Windows Logon Failure Investigation +

Moronic behavior that M$ could easily fix:

Drive space alerts showing that a drive number which doesn't exist is at 0% free space: This seems to be related to a USB drive.
devcon restart usbstor*
from the command prompt appears to solve the problem.

SMTP service hangs and Server must be restarted after installing new IMF Installing new Intelligent Message Filter updates causes SMTP service to stop, then trying to start it causes a hang (service does not respond to start signal in a timely fashion): This is apparently caused by interference by anti virus programs. Removing AVG from the server "solved" the problem, but we need it, so AVG support needs to fix the issue. More when I know it. James Newton replies: Uninstalling the AVG Exchange connector only seems to have solved the problem; perhaps because the machine was restarted before the uninstall. The next IMF update that came along caused the exact same problem even though AVG for Exchange was NOT installed. It may be that the over all AVG program is causing the issue. When the next IMF update comes long, I will try uninstalling AVG entirely from the server, restart first, THEN see if the install works any different. James Newton of Massmind replies: Nope, same problem without AVG installed. AVG is NOT causing this issue.+



Clients fail to update In the Server Management console, under Update Services , Installation Errors, in the window titled Computers with Update Installation Errors one of the many clients continued to show as having several errors. However, clicking on it and then on View Details to the left, would always display "Message not found" and updates did appear to be going through to the workstation. On the workstation which was being falsely reported as having an error, I ran:
wuauclt /resetauthorization /detectnow /reportnow
Update Services in the Server Management console no longer shows any error for that PC.


Font size in Server Management Console In Server Management console, the font size is so small that the text is almost unreadable. There is no setting for font size in the console, and Ctrl + mouse wheel doesn't seem to have any effect. However, getting out of the console, starting Internet Explorer, then selecting View, Text size, and setting that to Large, then back to Normal seemed to fix the problem the next time the console starts. +

Emails or NDR's delayed until server or SMTP restart. Apparently, Exchange 2003 SP2 and later can fail to resend emails that are going to a server which tries to "greylist" email from an unknown source. The dest server may tell Exchange to "try again later" and Exchange fails to do so until the SMTP service is restarted. Workarounds include using your ISP's SMTP server instead of Exchange to send emails, restarting the SMTP service daily, and creating a "GlitchRetrySeconds" entry as a dword in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\SMTPSVC\Queuing and try a value of 60 or 120, then restart the SMTP service.

Can't install the ActiveX control for remote desktop in remote web workspace. The popup says that the browsers security settings may be preventing installation, but Tools / Manage Add-ons shows everything listed is enabled.

Remote Web Workplace doesn't actually use the "Remote Desktop Connection" program that’s normally used to access a machine directly. It connects using an ActiveX control that allows Internet Explorer to run Remote Desktop. The plugin is required when using the RWW and is displayed in internet options, Programs, Manage Add-Ons window as 'Microsoft Terminal Services Client Control (redist)'.

The problem with new installs of XP SP3 is the ActiveX control never gets installed properly in the first place, or you could just go to the Manage Add-Ons and activate the MSTSC client control plug-in. remote desktop activex control browsers security settings

Delete the following Registry Key, and then you will be able to install the activex control as needed. This is a per user setting, so you’ll have to do it for every user affected by this issue.

NOTE: As usual, backup any registry keys you delete as a precaution

Around mid April 2010, the "Server Performance Report" starts showing "The page can not be displayed" in emails and on the management console. Update Services in the same console gives error: "The Element Already Exists in the Collection". Chris Puckett found that something about the WSUS entry for update KB976703 was causing this. The solution is: Start, Administrative Tools, Windows Server Update Services. Action, Search... Text: KB976703, Find Now. Once the udpate has been found, right click it and select "Decline" then confirm. If you actually have Exchange 2000 server, manually install KB976703. Thanks to Chris and the support team.

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