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JScript / JavaScript Features

Tutorial. The oxherders guide is more compact. VisiBone^ has more examples.

Contents Online IDE
Scripting Runtime objects
Document Object Model
non-ecma features are presented with a grey background
Also: HTML Scripting DOM Glossary
Extensions that may be added by the user are presented with a light yellow background Items related to internet browser scripting and document object models are presented with a light blue background
Control flow Assignments / Declarations
for ( init ; test ; inc ) stmt
for (var in [obj | ary]) stmt
if (cond ) stmt [else stmt] (cond ? stmt : stmt )
return [exp]
while ( exp ) stmt
&&, ||, break, continue
do stmt while ( exp )
label : stmt
switch ( exp ) {
 label : stmt ;case label : stmt ; ...]
default :
 stmt ; }
[static] varlet | const name [ = exp ];
Assign (=) eg: variabl e = exp;
Compound Assign (Operator=) eg: variable += exp;
variable = new ObjectType [(arguments)]
variable = new function ( "parameters", "stmt" )
with ( obj ) stmt
Arrays Constants/Literals
new Array([size|elem[,elem]]) ary.length
ary.join(seperator) str.split(regExp)
[a, b, c] = ary
ary1.concat(ary2) ary1.slice(start,[end]) ary1.splice(start[,length][,elements])
VBArray: toArray, getItem,
dimensions, lbound, ubound
Enumerator: atEnd, item, moveFirst, moveNext
 true: object, non-empty string, non zero
 false: 0, null, NaN, undefined, empty string
Math object: abs, ceil, floor, max, min, random, round, acos, asin, atan, atan2, cos, exp, log, pow, sin, sqrt, tan, E, LN2, LN10, LOG2E, LOG10E, PI, SQRT1_2, SQRT2
parseInt(numstr [, radix]) parseFloat(numstr)
formatNumber | formatPercent | formatCurrency  (num, decs, zeros, parens, commas)
Object Creation Document Object
new { Array | Boolean | DateFunctionGlobalMath | NumberObject | String } [(arguments)]
obj.constructor  obj.prototype
obj.toString() obj.valueOf() obj.typeOf(exp) obj.this
obj_copy = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(obj_to_copy)) 1 2
getElementsByClass(searchClass, node, tag)
Strings see also User defined functions Regular Expressions Syntax
String object str.length
str.substr(start [, length ]) str.substring(start, end)
str.charAt(idx) str.charCodeAt(idx) String.fromCharCode(code [, code])
str.indexOf(substr, start) str.lastIndexOf(substr, start)
str.split(regExp) ary.join(seperator)
toLowerCase, toUpperCase
escape, unescape
concat, slice
match, replace, search
anchor, big, blink, bold, fixed, fontcolor, fontsize, italics, link, small, strike, sub, sup
formatNumber, formatPercent, formatCurrency, formatDateTime
LTrim, RTrim, Trim, Len, Left, Right, Mid, inStr
index, input ($_), lastIndex, lastMatch ($&), lastParen ($+), leftContext ($'), multiline ($*), rightContext ($'), $1...$9
Regular Expression
global, ignorecase, lastIndex, source
compile(pattern), exec(str), test(str)
Addition (+), Subtraction (-)
Modulus arithmetic (%)
Multiplication (*), Division (/)
Negation (-)
Bitwise And (&), Or (|), Not (~), Xor (^)
Bitwise Left Shift (<<), Shift Right (>>)
Unsigned Shift Right (>>>)
Decrement (--), Increment (++)
Equality (==), Inequality (!=)
Less Than (<), Less Than or Equal To (<=)
Greater Than (>), Greater Than or Equal To (>=)
Logical And(&&), Or (||), Not (!)
Conditional (?:)
Comma (,)
delete, typeOf, void
Dates and Time
Date object: toGMTString, toLocaleString, toUTCString, parse, UTC, getDay, getUTCDay,
getDate, getFullYear, getMonth, getYear, getUTCDate, getUTCFullYear, getUTCMonth,
setDate, setFullYear, setMonth, setYear, setUTCDate, setUTCFullYear, setUTCMonth,
getHours, getMilliseconds, getMinutes, getSeconds, getTime, getUTCHours, getUTCMilliseconds, getUTCMinutes, getUTCSeconds, getTimezoneOffset,
setHours, setMilliseconds, setMinutes, setSeconds, setTime, setUTCHours, setUTCMilliseconds, setUTCMinutes, setUTCSeconds,


Function Creation ^ Global Functions
function name( arguments ) stmt
var name = function ( arguments ) stmt
var name = new Function ( arguments, stmt )
var name = ( args ) => expr
var name = ( args ) => { stmt }
return, length, prototype, constructor
escape, unescape
isFinite, isNaN
parseInt, parseFloat
Comments Input / Output 3D^
/*...*/ or // event: .clientX,.clientY,
alert, document.write, window.status

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