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Scenix Lib IO OSI2 IR DA Main

MainInfoSeg	MACRO
;  Main Code

MainCodeSeg	MACRO
;  Main Code

ledRX		=	ra.0
ledTX		=	ra.1
ledCON		=	ra.2
ledERR		=	ra.3

	mov	m, #TRIS
	mov	 ra, #%0000		;init Port A
	mov	!ra, #%0000		;Port A (LEDs) - Outputs

	mov	 rb, #%00001100		;init rb - UartTx (bit 2) and UartCTS (bit 3) = idle high
	mov	!rb, #%01110011		;Direction
	mov	m, #PLP
	mov	!rb, #%11001111		;Enable pullup on unused pins (bits 4 and 5)
	mov	m, #WKED
	mov	!rb, #%11111110		;IrRx (bit 6) = falling edge, UartRx (bit0) = rising edge

	clr	rc			;Init output to 0
	mov	m, #TRIS
	mov	!rc, #%10101011		;Port C (IO Port) direction - set for jumper use
	mov	m, #PLP
	mov	!rc, #%01010100		;Port C (IO Port) pullup - enabled on input pins

	clr	fsr			;reset all ram banks
:loop	setb	fsr.4
	clr	ind
	ijnz	fsr,:loop

	call	@IsrInit

	call	@a2flReset
	call	@a2plReset
	call	@a2lapReset
	call	@a2lmpReset
	call	@a2appReset

Asynchronous				;Note: flags are global
	snb	IrdaRxAvail		;Irda byte received ?
	call	@a2flRxAvail
	snb	IrdaTxEmpty		;Irda TxEmpty flag set ?
	call	@a2flTxEmpty
	snb	UartRxAvail		;Uart byte received ?
	call	@a2appRxAvail
	snb	TimerOverflow		;Timer Overflow flag set ?
	call	@a2lapTimer
	jmp	Asynchronous



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