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Thread: 18F Serial Port
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Hi all,

I am using a 18 f47K40 for a project that uses the serial port on
RC6(Rx) and RC7(Rx) but cannot get the port to work.

I have many projects like this using 16F devices but I can't get this
one working.

I know the chip is functioning because of a led display working and as
far as I can tell the basic EUSART setup is the same as other chips I
have used.

I have not used the peripheral pin select before and may be that is the problem.

I am programming in assembler and all web examples are in C with
function calls that do not explain the pin setup process.

This is a snippet of the PPS code


movlw b'00010111'
movwf RX1PPS,BANKED ; PORTC<7> as the EUSART1 RX input,

movlw b'00001001' ; PORTC<6> as the EUSART1 TX output

Any help appreciated.


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