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Thread: : PV panel surgery
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> Summary: Comments and ideas  welcome. re performing surgery on
> Silicon/glass laminated PV panels
> I have access to a useful number of new Silicon / glass (standard
> construction) 300W PV panels which have "low output".
> "The price was right" even with their issues.
> And even better if restorable.
> I'm surprised that these have reached here in this condition as other than
> utterly nominal testing would have shown the fault.
> (Factories I have been involved with have used Xenon flash illumination to
> plot full load lines for every panel).
> There are 72 cells per panel in 6 strings of 12 panels.
> These should produce about 46V oc but do not produce much above 30V.
> ​I now have 8 of these panels.
Total cost was $NZ160.​

Rear access methods through rear sheet as per Ken's links seem ​by far the
best means.



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