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On 27 September 2017 at 20:30, Wouter van Ooijen <spamwouter.....spam.....voti.nl> wrote:

> ​... ​
> So do you have a better (preferrably
> one-word) term to describe this domain? The best I have so far is
> probably "severly resource constrained", but that is not 100% accurate
> and too long by two words . "small micro-controller" is another
> candidate, but it is still one word too long, and feels negative.
> A better term, anyone?
> ​Not ideal, but the classic "black-box" (blackbox?, black box?) ​concept
overlaps with much of what has been said so far.
Maybe "embedded or blackbox" system :-).
Maybe that the first time then use either term thereafter.

Fall0ver-alone system?


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