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My two cents...
"Embedded" is part of something greater. A consumer never goes to the store
and buys an "embedded computer". They buy a *product* that happens to have
an embedded computer in it.
It might be the smallest 10F/ATtiny as an LED flasher in a toothbrush
handle or it might be as complex as a car. Consumers don't go to the car
dealer and ask to see the newest models because they heard the engine
control module is built with an octo-core super processor now with 17 TB of

Cell phones are an interesting example here. A decade or so ago (perhaps
two, time flies), people bought devices that could make a phone call. The
internal architecture was largely irrelevant and mostly ignored. Now
they're buying something that is a more general purpose computing platform
with the intent of running far more diverse programs. As such the internal
architecture is more involved in the discussion.

I think the idea of working in a "resource constrained" system is a natural
outgrowth of the business of volume production of products. Unless it's a
high-volume product, saving a penny per unit at the expense of another
month of engineering time is never going to be profitable. "Resource
constrained" is a math problem: [DevCost + (UnitCost * Quantity)] With the
drop in cost of more capable silicon and the improvement in development
tools, that math changes all the time.

So, I think "embedded" is the right term, but the definition may have been
a bit mangled through the years.

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