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Interesting topic - I still describe myself my specialism as embedded
systems on my CV (despite having not been paid to do that for a long time!)
though I've largely moved on from PICs and AVRs via more complex embedded
processors running RTOS (when I was still being paid to do it) to Raspberry
Pi and similar. I'd still think of most of my applications for a RPi being
embedded as they're controlling something else and the computing is hidden
from the end user.

I'm tempted to think that the correct term for what you want is
"microcontroller". I'm not sure you even need the "small" caveat - to me a
microcontroller is a good definition of the sort of thing you're thinking
of, when it gets bigger than that and you're running an OS I'd start
describing it as a microprocessor instead. At least that is how I tended to
describe the higher powered processors running RTOS I was developing for -
even though they shared a lot of characteristics with microcontrollers and
were effectively a single chip system on a custom board.

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