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Hi everyone

I waved PICs goodbye a long time ago, and switched mainly to ARM/Cortex and C++ for micro-controller programming. A side-effects of this is that I'll be doing the closing keynote on the Meeting C++ conference in Berlin, november this year, on the subject of (C++ and) embedded. My picture is up on the website, so I can't deny it any more..

Which leads me to my problem: the term "embedded" is often used for the time/space/energy/cost/xxx-sensitive work done on micro-controllers. (Roughly what was thye focus of this group in its big days.) But this "embbeed" term was a problem from the beginning (embedded systems can and do contain large computer systems, with a very different way of programming), and is getting even more so these days (ESP8266 are programmed in Lua and Python, and how long will it be before a single-chip system will run a common Linux distro?).

Hence the term "embedded" is no longer sufficient to describe a programming (and system design) style that is (very) sensitive to (code and data) space and timing. So do you have a better (preferrably one-word) term to describe this domain? The best I have so far is probably "severly resource constrained", but that is not 100% accurate and too long by two words . "small micro-controller" is another candidate, but it is still one word too long, and feels negative.

A better term, anyone?

-- Wouter "Objects? No Thanks!" van Ooijen

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