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Thread: Lost Souls--Pic Challenges
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Show me mind twisters that utilize assembler with minimal 8 bit PIC's.

Or as David Brown said: "One of the great pleasures of my retirement is solving difficult calculations in assembler for PIC16s."

My Conway's Game of Life was typical: Take a well defined algorithm, and create it in PIC assembler using minimal hardware.

Here is another example: I have a decimal value between 0 and 1.  I need to generate two integers a and b, such that a/b closely approximates the decimal value.  One algorithm is Jon Farey's best rational approximation.  Here is a presentation:


These are the kinds of exercises for me.  But where do I find them?  
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One of the great pleasures of my retirement is solving difficult
calculations in assembler or PIC16s.  With all the pressures of deadlines
gone I can spend an entire day crafting an exquisite 10 lines of
assembler.  Far more interesting and demanding as doing a suduko and, in
the greater scheme of things, equally futile.

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