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Thread: MLA TCP/IP Stack Recovering from Ethernet Error
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I don't know the peripheral, but on ethernet both ByteCount above 1522
and CRCError can be a collision or interference, and device reset in
response seems a bit eager.

CRCError can also be a fault in a sending device.

I remember having to split networks with hubs or switches to keep
numbers down to what the customer wanted.

On Sat, Sep 23, 2017 at 10:44:39PM -0700, Harold Hallikainen wrote:
> [...] I've tried reinitializing stuff by calling MacInit and
> TcpStackInit (or whatever they are called), but that does not seem
> to recover the system. [...]

Suggests it isn't CRCError or large packets.  I'd expect an ethernet
peripheral to keep going quite cheerfully after either of these
events, without anything additional other than what is normally done
to prepare the peripheral for the next transfer.

-- James Cameron
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