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Thread: Lost Souls
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Hello all,
    You can build an S-100 based system or you can go to ebay and buy a S-100 system. Sometimes there are IMSAIs and Altairs on ebay. I Took the build my own system from scratch path. The site to go to is s100.computers.com. There are blank Backplane boards with several configurations available. You can get boards for 8080, Z80, 8086, 80286, 80386, 80486. 68000, 6502, and 6809 processor boards. There are sound cards, frt panel cards, FDC cards, HDD cards, ram boards, monitor boards, and others. All of these boards are blank. They aren't all available but from time to time a new batch is produced. All of the files that you need are supplied so that you can produce your own boards. Go take a look. Another site to look into is retrotechnology.com. They offer complete boards, system, and floppy drives including 8", 5.25", and 3.5" that are configured to work with s-100 systems.
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