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On 24 September 2017 at 07:08, Bob LeDoux <TakeThisOuTbobledouxspamEraseMEproaxis.com> wrote:

> I still prefer to code in PIC assembler
> ​Real Men [tm] code in machine language :-).

It's been 35+ years since I was a real man I guess - and then ​

​it was not initia​lly by choice.
We had no assembler available and nothing sensible to ruin one on or to
write one for.
(Uphill both ways in the snow with no shoes in a cardboard box at the
bottom of a lake*).

I still remember quite a few of the MC6800 assembler mnemonics.
Mental relative figuring would probably approach it's original ease fairly
rapidly, I think/hope.
6800 family was a serendipitously good choice for raw machine language
programming as the instructions group the operator and data bits far more
logically for manual construction than does the 8080 family.
Hex keypad entry was a quantum step up from the initial binary switch
address and data toggling on my SC/MP system.


* We had feet.
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