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> 1. There were 25 postings on the Piclist and not one of them was
> PIC related

Hi Bob,

I suspect bare micros are no longer the entry level when it comes
to software engineering and so the questions of old just don't arise
in the quantity they used to

I've been a mentor on a NZ schools forum for many years and have
not yet helped, or even seen, anyone with a PIC issue, because they
simply don't use them. It's all PICAXE, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and
$5 modules from Alibaba or Sparkfun. Programming is in some HLL
like BASIC, Python etc

20 years ago we didn't have the luxury of fast micros in corporatised
hybrids and a zillion libraries on the web and had to do it ourselves

When I have a project to share with them it's in PIC assembly with
comments to explain the logic and a schematic, which they seem to
follow and understand. The intelligence is there but I feel they are
mostly ignorant of how a micro actually works and cheap turnkey
modules have deprived them of investigating component choice and
circuit design


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