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Thread: What to do about a slowcoach
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> How did your friend get on with this?

yes, sorry, I did mean to reply and thank contributors

She's had a word with him and he's promised to (try) and up
his game. She told me though that she doesn't quite believe that
and will whenever possible give him jobs that don't affect any
team output. He'll be more closely monitored in these solo
efforts and given a stern gee-up when necessary

She also asked about his plans in the hope that he may move
on but he's not planning to in the foreseeable future

So for the time being, he's been told, but her dilemma is still that
he does know his job, does it well (if slowly) and letting him go
and then having to train someone else up could have more of an
impact in the short-medium term than grudgingly keeping him

Because it's a small business she does like the staff to get on
together so finding a new staff member isn't as simple as it
would be in a larger firm


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