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Thread: data acquistion and logging strategies
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Hi Jack,

At idle, yes, sensors are fast enough to see individual cylinders. But I'm pulling the mixture data from an AEM meter which is probably filtered, and there are other things smoothing the exhaust before the sensor too.

No more RX-7. I have actually gotten rid of all vehicles that need to be towed. And my tow vehicle too, no more F-250. That was an interesting decision, I'm sure some can relate to the scary thought of life without a pickup truck :) But I have a utility trailer and a hitch on the family car, so I'm not quite helpless. But only streetable vehicles now, and no more "real" racing.

Friendly regards,

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I've been away from this for a long time,  Bob - What's the BW on AFR

sensors & manifold pressure sensors these days? Can you see the in-

dividual cylinders in the data?  Do you want to?

RPM & Throttle position change relatively slowly by comparison.

IIRC your war horse is an RX-7 with a Ford V8 transplant?

Sounds like fun anyway...



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Subject (change) data acquistion and logging strategies

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