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Thread: data acquistion and logging strategies
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Yes, exactly!

I'll need a device to activate a relay or bend a signal here or there based on sensor data, so I'll have that aggregate a couple of other signals and send them to a frontend/logger.

I could even use this STM32F746 Discovery I have here, if I wanted to make it really flashy looking.

But mostly I was thinking about the peak min / peak max method of acquisition. It's the mode I most often use my oscilloscope.

Cheerful regards,


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Hi Bob,

On 09/09/2017 20:50, Bob Blick wrote:
> I was thinking about someday making a simple device for quick review of a few automobile parameters. ...
because the constraints for power and cost are relaxed, I would use one or more
PIC for the acquisition and a Raspberry or similar as frontend and logger. You
can have the display you want and program it with whatever language!

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Subject (change) data acquistion and logging strategies

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