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Thread: CU-50 RTD resistance chart?
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Your link to
Leads me to a chart that while a bit fuzzy seems to be readable on my little iPad. For instance the device is 50 Ohm at 0c, 71.400 Ohm at 50c and 82.134 Ohm at 150c

The link someone sent for the 100 Ohm probe at www.thermometricscorp.com/images/Accessories/thermometricscorp_2129_12162627.gif
Shows 100 Ohm at 0c, 142.108 at 100c, and 163.168 at 150c
Almost but not quite exactly 2x the 50 Ohm probe.

I would suggest that you figure out why you can't read your chart but if you can't figure it out, I could send you a screen shot from my iPad

Looking forward,
Al Shinn (Tinker)

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