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Thread: Prime numbers
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I am not 100% sure that your theorem is wrong, Isaac, but I think you are
making an incorrect assumption.

If I have two numbers A and B and I add them to produce C=A+B, and I then
have a number D, then:

if D divides A and D divides B THEN D divides C
However, just because D divides neither A nor B doesn't guarantee that it
doesn't divide C.
It IS true, though, that if D divides one and only one of A or B then it
does NOT divide C.

So, you cannot assume that the prime factors of Ptest=P1*P2*P3*P4*...Pn+2
are only from the set of {P1,P2,P3,...,Pn). There could be a prime factor
of Ptest which is larger than Pn.


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