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Thread: Arduino compatible bare PCBs
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On Tue, Sep 05, 2017 at 05:00:54PM -0700, Chetan Bhargava wrote:
> Hi Bill, Sorry I did not answer all of your questions.
> >>Why are you looking for a bare board, anyway?
> So that I can send the bare board(s) to my friend overseas, and let
> him build one or a few. I believe that is the whole idea behind the
> Arduino revolution; so that one can build themselves. Isn't it?

No, not really.  The basis of the revolution is a controller already
built, with an accessible and easy to install tool chain, and a
community of interest.  Being able to build your own controller isn't
a common focus of that community.

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Pricing is set by economies of scale in production.  banggood.com has
some populated PCBs from $3 or so.  Buying bare PCBs and parts won't
get you that kind of pricing.

> Worst case, I would like to send my friend a (freeduino; please send
> us the link) design so that he can bootstrap from where he would like,
> starting from PCB itself.

Not the sort of friend I'd like.  ;-)  "Here, try this, but you have
to build it first."

> Regards,
> Chetan
> Chetan Bhargava
> http://microz.blogspot.com

James Cameron
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