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Thread: Arduino compatible bare PCBs
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Hi Bill, Sorry I did not answer all of your questions.

>>Why are you looking for a bare board, anyway?

So that I can send the bare board(s) to my friend overseas, and let
him build one or a few. I believe that is the whole idea behind the
Arduino revolution; so that one can build themselves. Isn't it?

>>My “Freeduino” design is still around, but it’s duemilanove-era (no I2C pins, no power auto-switch (perhaps a “feature”?), etc.

Sorry I was not able to find it? Please provide a pointer for all of us.

To add:
FTDI is based in UK *and* over the period of time they were unable to
bring down their prices. Hence, people had to adopt...
Arduino created their own USB to UART using special firmware on
another Atmel chip while the Chinese came up with a simpler (and
physically smaller) CH340 chip. I have not encountered any issues
using a CH340 based Arduino clone or any other gadget in Linux (and
windows). I personally can't justify the price of that (FTDI) chip.
Also the name FTDI comes to me as a company that kills/bricks their
chips. FTDI have earned a bad reputation IMHO.

As of today, (too hot in the Bay Area) I believe that spending >$3 is
better off (on an expendable & replaceable finished products) than
ordering bare PCBs ($5+ each plus parts).

Worst case, I would like to send my friend a (freeduino; please send
us the link) design so that he can bootstrap from where he would like,
starting from PCB itself.


Chetan Bhargava

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