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Thread: Precautions for long run 400 VDC cabling?
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> > - How are the PV panel cables fastened to the system?  [[Say what?
> > :-) ]]
> My guess is that they'll be coated with honey, which will bring the
> ants, then the spiders will hunt the ants, then the various parasitic
> wasps will take out the spiders to use as stunned but living egg
> nurseries, and the resulting dried muddy mess will stop any cable from
> moving.  ;-)
> The actual mating surfaces of the module cables will probably hide
> inside a little junction box to connect to the 400V DC cable run.

​I'd check which honey they use.
I'd expect that in Oz by now serious people 'do it right' ​- the standards
tend to proscribe things like cable ties which usually work for 'years'.
Maybe 8 or 4 or 2 or ...
Never 20. Metal ct's get used. Many systems now have wiring clips as p[art
of the panel frame or mounting frame.

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