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Thread: Precautions for long run 400 VDC cabling?
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On Tue, Sep 05, 2017 at 07:33:18PM +1200, RussellMc wrote:
> On 5 September 2017 at 14:01, James Cameron <@spam@quozlKILLspamspamlaptop.org> wrote:
> > Some specifications have been filled in, and a quotation received
> > from my designer.  I'm pleased with it.
> >
> Sounds very nice.
> More questions will happen, but a few to start.
> - I note you are proposing "true" Lithium Ion cells as opposed to the
> LiFePO4 that you mentioned previously.
> Why this choice? (Cost/lifetime/capacity/ planned use, ...)

Availability from designer and installer.  In other words, apart from
saying "not lead-acid", I've allowed them freedom.  They are terribly
busy, and I don't feel I have much choice.

> What is the cycle life at what design DOD% and what Vmax do they use
> on the cells to get rated lifetimes.  (Cell spec says 3.0V-4.2V full
> range which is = usual).  Other related?

Don't know, sorry.

> - How are the PV panel cables fastened to the system?  [[Say what?
> :-) ]]

My guess is that they'll be coated with honey, which will bring the
ants, then the spiders will hunt the ants, then the various parasitic
wasps will take out the spiders to use as stunned but living egg
nurseries, and the resulting dried muddy mess will stop any cable from
moving.  ;-)

The actual mating surfaces of the module cables will probably hide
inside a little junction box to connect to the 400V DC cable run.

> *- ​Comment only: *
> I note you correctly quote Isc and Voc. So combined voltages and
> current you quote are Vmax with no load and I with system shorted at
> panels

Yeah, I felt these were the most relevant points of the IV curve for
insulation and cable diameter.  The third relevant point would be Pmax.

> Very impressive 18.3% panel efficiency. Nicely up on what was
> typical even a few years back.  (With 18.6% from very top offering).

Thanks.  I hadn't noticed.

James Cameron
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