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Thread: Precautions for long run 400 VDC cabling?
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Nice system James -
A couple of q's... (if you don't mind)

How long is the 400V run (maybe mentioned previously but??)
Are the four runs bundled or separately trenched?
How did you size your system? Was it on existing consumption with net export, coverage for outage, price break point, best within budget?
I remember you planned ground based panels - yes?
Will they all be at a level or tiered?
Same orientation or differently optimised for time/season? (I guess not tracking.)

I'll probably think of other questions after I hit send ;o)

I lived off grid for 7 years with an old late 90's - early 00's era system that came with the property, and newish 12 V 700 Ah LA cells. We were more than 2 km from the nearest mains power so no other option. Our system only had a 1200 W inverter with about the same in PV capacity. Fridge was gas, hot water solar/fuel stove and back-up of one of two generators, depending on load. We were very frugal with our power, especially in winter!

It was a beautiful place to live (central Victoria). Weeks of 40+ C weather was tough though with no A/C. We are no longer there (work) but how I miss it.

Anyway, good luck with the install. Don't forget to double the works cost ;o)


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Subject (change) Precautions for long run 400 VDC cabling?

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