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Thread: What to do about a slowcoach
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Slowness does not necessarily indicate a lack of enthusiasm.
A couple of times a year I work for my daughter and
son-in-law in their nursery. I plant herbs. I am, by far,
the slowest worker in the place so they only ask me to do
this one job each year. My crops always have 100%
germination and the plants are consistently uniform. My
other daughter is also one of the slower workers in her
workplace but she has only one working hand. Sometimes the
reason for the slowness is not obvious. Both of my hands
work as well or better than most. There is no obvious reason
for my slowness at this task. For decades I have trained for
precision not speed. Observe the worker and talk to him
about it. If he is lazy I would can him but there may be
more going on than meets the eye.


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